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emergency threat to english orchards -- emergency threat to english orchards -- emergency

2/4/2004 ++emergency campaign++

Q. What's happened?
An article in the Guradian Newspaper has brought to our attention a terrible threat to orchards in England from a badly thought out UK Government proposal for the replacement of the CAP( Common Agricultural Policy )

Under the new proposals, farmers will be financially encouraged to destroy ancient cider orchards in order to make the land qualify for the new flat rate farm subsidies.

Secretary of State Margaret Beckett's statement on CAP reform: implementation of the
Single Farm Payment scheme in England -
Full transcript here:

So what are we going to do about it ?

spread the news of the threat - organise - inform - network - collaborate

until the government and Ms Beckett amend the proposal to include orchards as farmland.

To keep updated with the campaign join the ukcider group
Transcript of the parliamentary ajournment debate here http://www.publications.parliament.uk
sign the Camra online petition