Pruning the Bramley Apple Tree – part 2

Stephen Hayes of Fruitwise heritage apples presents part 2 of pruning the Bramley apple tree.

Wear gloves when using the sharp saw. Upward facing branch. Up against the collar. be careful when working in the middle of a tree. Removing branches that are growing in to the centre. Creating space by removing one out of each pair of crossing branches.

The traditional approach to pruning the bramley apple tree is slighly different, as it entails working to a three year cycle.

On the first year you would be pruning in the winter to reduce the height of the tree.

Then in the second year, again in winter, prune to reduce the spread of the branches.

In the third year you would prune throughg the centre of the apple tree in or to clear away overcrowding.

In each year in the summer you would also be generally thinning out or managing the new growth so the summer pruning reduces new growth, while winter pruning promotes new growth.

You can also hard prune right down to the ground if you really want to but this produces a huge shock to the tree, with maybe no fruit at all for a number of years afterwards.

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4 Responses to Pruning the Bramley Apple Tree – part 2

  1. Alan says:

    Thank you for such an informative vid. I’ll have a go pruning our old Bramley now!

  2. Ruth says:

    Thanks for the demos on Bramley pruning. Sorry to say, your whole recording was irritating by the continuous loud wind noise in the microphone. Couldn’t you listen yourself to your recordings before putting them on the net. Take note, the problem is easiely dealt with.

  3. Ruth says:

    Thanks for the useful demo on Bramley pruning.
    However, your whole recording was spoiled by the loud wind noise in the mike right through. I would have thought you would listen to your recording before putting it out on the internet to see if it ok.

  4. ray says:

    excellent video on pruning Bramley – despite wind noise! Any advice on summer pruning Bramley ? Our tree is huge and despite both winter and summer pruning overr the last 2 years continues to put out dozenz and dozenz of new shoots I have a job to hold it back ?
    thanks again

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