Cider Making Slideshow

A cider making slideshow on Flickr shows the cider apples on the trees in the orchard, then fallen on the ground, picked up,  collected in buckets and bagged.

The cider fruit are then washed down in trays using a hose pipe, and piled into the hopper of the scratter or apple grinding machine which turns the apples into mash ready to be pressed.

The big cider press squashes the cheeses filled with the apple mash and the juice is squeezed out, dripping through the cloth and racks into the collecting container.

You can see  the freshly pressed apple juice later starting to ferment and being stored in large oak barrels.

Let’s just all act like grown ups as if there isn’t a Llama in the room shall we?

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  1. jeremy says:

    great pics! was these taken at Broome Farm Cider? I had a great time on a trip there last summer

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