Cider Vinegar Making

Cider Vinegar Question

A question which came up at an apple day event about cider vinegar.

Is there any easy way of measuring the acidity of our own cider
vinegar in order to be sure that it can be used for pickling etc.?

To which the answer on the forum was:

Buy an acid testing titration kit used by winemakers. Dilute the
vinegar 1:10 with distilled or de-ionised or rain water before measuring
the acid. Then multiply the result you get by 10 to bring it back to
vinegar strength. If that figure is nominal tartaric acid, multiply
again by 0.8 to express the value as acetic. 5% acetic is the minimum
required for pickling.

See also the page scanned in by Andrew Lea from the Long Ashton Research Station Annual Report for the year 1917 pages 18-20 which gives some useful information about the making of cider vinegar.


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