Cider workshop – speaker needed, Manchester

Cider Workshop

Agnes from Abundance is holding a Cider Workshop on Monday 26th October in Manchester and is looking for someone from this group to do a short talk about making cider.

Abundance is a group which works to harvest and redistribute surplus apples and other fruit and veg in the city of Manchester, similar to other urban scrumping schemes, and the forthcoming cider workshop will be in association with the Manchester Permaculture Network.

There will be an apple crusher and press available for the cider workshop, so it was thought that people could bring along 2/3litre clean containers with them together with juicing apples to the workshop, for a practical demonstration as well as a short talk, provided that somebody knowlegeable can make themselves available in the area on that night please.

Cider Workshop - A mill and press could be available

Cider Workshop - A mill and press could be available

Cider Workshop Contact

If anybody is available and would like to help out at the Manchester Cider Workshop, please get in contact with Agnes via the Ukcider group

Manchester Cider Workshop

The Manchester Permaculture event on Monday 26th Oct, 6:30pm – 9:30pm, is billed as a cider making workshop.

We’ve got a home brewer coming from near Manchester to talk a bit about cider brewing, and we are also going to juice some apples using a crusher and apple press.

Other Cider Workshop Events

Cider workshop events take place from time to time whenever a group of people from one area with an interest in making cider on an individual or collective basis can get organised to learn more about the craft. Sometimes UKcider members organise these through the group but there are occasionally cider workshop events taking place which we don’t even know about, centred around orchard groups or city farms. The only pre-requisites are a willingness to cooperate and the availability of some apples of one sort or another to press. The freshly pressed apple juice can either be split up amongst the cider workshop attendees or else carefully watched over collectively¬† and then distributed the next year as cider.

What happens at a Cider Workshop?

Plenty of notice ensures a well attended evening with loads of apples brought along by attendees and demonstrators alike.
It doesn’t mattter if not all of them get pressed. It’s best if there are some cider apples to show but no worries if the apple varieties represented are hugely biased in favour of culinary and desert apples from people’s gardens. After a short talk, no longer than 45 minutes, it should be possible to get through twenty litres or so of juice in a couple of hours, using a small basket press. Measure the specific gravity and the acidity of the juice before distribution in bottles for home fermentation.

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