Apple Day

Apple Day 2007 is on or around October 21st.

Thanks to Martin of HarrodHorticultural for commenting with his article about Apple Day from last year, the original being here

There are a huge number of events this year, because apple day just keeps on growing and the cider wiki current events page for October points to the common ground apple day page where you can see them all listed county by county.

Now there’s also a shorter list of Apple Day events which include cider in some form, and which local event organisers can easily add to just by editing the wiki as normal. It’s not late to think about putting on a small apple day event even now. If you have a common orchard nearby you could just invite the neighbourhood round to admire the fallen fruit, learn a bit about apple varieties and then go for a meal afterwards with some cider or perry. Or make it a childrens party day with apple juice and a drop of real cider for the grown ups.

Myself, I’ll be making my way to Walthamstow Apple Day on October 13th and I do hope you manage to find an event near enough to wherever you live as well and support it on the day. If you do know of any events in October loosely connected with apple day and incorporating cider in some form then please add them to the Apple Day page.

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