Old Joe’s Cider Bar

The picture of Old Joes Cider Bar at the Royal Show generated a lively exchange on the ukcider mailing list after being posted.

View large and read the signs.

What is it that makes the Deisel (sic) “Fruits of the forest” bright red? Roy Bailey reckons he knows but he’s not letting on, at least not in public.

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4 Responses to Old Joe’s Cider Bar

  1. Vicky Milverton says:

    Hi there

    I am trying totrack down where Old Joe’s is based and am looking for a website or contact number for them – anyone have any ideas.


  2. admin says:

    It has been said that “Joe” actually came from Southampton, and that the cider was bought in from a producer somewhere near Weston-super-Mare. “Old Joe” himself no longer appears, but the stand is present at the Newbury and Royal County of Berkshire Show every year, usually run by a woman who is not in the photo above.

  3. Keith says:

    Just got back from Royal berks show and as always visited Old Joes Cider Bar. The selection on offer was truly excellent with a wide range of strengths, dry to sweet, clear and cloudy. I would reccommend any of their ciders. The picture shows a young man in a white smock, who is always present, is very helpful and a true cider head.

  4. Serbian says:

    so is this an open bar??? no objection from the government??? may I get any public discotheque like this..means open for all to share..

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