Drinks Labels Move to List Ingredients

At UKCider we believe cider and all alcoholic drinks should be bound by the same ingredients listing laws as any other foodstuffs. This would help to educate the public about what goes into making pure natural cider compared with the adulterated output from many well known brands. According to the industrial cider makers organisations, it’s the wine industry holding this back, so it’s always good news to see some parts of the wine world moving forward with additives labelling.

There is a movement in the wine business that says that all wines should carry ingredient labelling (see what Bonny Doon(1) are doing) just as most other food & drink products do. The question will be, will any consumer understand those ingredients, what they mean, and what the effects are? Are we defending the consumer, or simply confusing them “for their/our own good”?

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Bonny Doon’s labels bare all

Spotted yesterday at a trade tasting: Bonny Doon’s labels are now baring all and putting a full “ingredient” list. This is not a legal requirement but more comprehensive labeling for wine is a subject that is in play. While more information on labels is a probably good thing, it would be helpful to have some context about some of lesser-known aspects of winemaking. But maybe that’s what the internet is for, researching things like wine ingredient lists.

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3 Responses to Drinks Labels Move to List Ingredients

  1. that was quick! interesting to hear your perspective on this. I can see how real ‘artisan’ products would gain from this, just as ‘Natural Wines’ would, but these are not necessarily mass market products, and we might be cutting of our noses to spite our already rather war-weary faces!

  2. Tim in Albion says:

    Apples, yeast, maybe a little sulfite. How confusing is that?

  3. Bob Price says:

    Please make sure that you comply with current statutory requirements on labelling i.e. fornt label must show the use of artificail sweeteners (e.g. saccharin)and ingredients that will cause allergenic reactions (e.g. sulphites and isinglass.)

    you are also encouraged, by the Department of Health, to apply the 5 point sensible drinking messaging on bottles.

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