Apple tree grafting – the saddle graft

Apple tree grafting – the saddle graft, another video in the series of Stephen Hayes Fruitwise guide to apple tree pruning.

I’m taking notes because it helps me to learn and remember:

The saddle graft is quick and easy. 1060 Rootstock Queen cox variety

using an Opinel french locking penknife locking number 6 stainless steel

cut down to a wedge on the rootstock

cut a V into the scion wood

knife needs to be sharp

soak in methylated spirit to keep sterile

locking thumbs

The two parts of the saddle graft fit nicely together live wood to live wood.

wrap with cut freezer bag or similar material.

no air space firm contact

label your trees

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3 Responses to Apple tree grafting – the saddle graft

  1. Mark Shirley says:

    This video has inpired me to have a go at grafting up a few trees next season. To think of all the good scion wood I threw away from winter pruning. The rootstock is Malling-Merton 106 (or MM106). Most nurseries which specialise in fruit trees can supply rootstock, Deacon’s of IOW charge £3.25 each, or less for a bulk order.

  2. A D Wilson says:

    I have a old apple tree that is a poor cropper I would like to graft on to it but I am unable to get scion wood
    can you advise


    A D Wilson

  3. Andy says:

    How about this then:

    The Midshires Orchard Group are hosting the First National Scion Wood Exchange in Feb:

    ‘Saturday / Sunday, 7-8, February, 2009 – Buckingham Garden Centre. This will be an exciting and innovative MSOG weekend– our major event of the year and what is probably the UK first ever scion wood exchange. We will have a scion wood exchange with 100 varieties available, displays and events featuring MSOG as well as grafting workshops and other fruit talks, demonstrations, and fruit related products.’

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