Pruning the Bramley apple tree

Pruning the bramley apple tree, the famous cooking apple. The Bramley apple has a red flush, and it’s a good quality cooking apple which ripens to a yellow sweetness if kept long enough. But ┬áthe tree can be challenging. You need plenty of space between the trees. The one in the video was planted 10 years ago. The bramley is a big tree. In an ordinary garden you may want to put it on a small rootstock, to restrict the growth and eventual size.

Each year we want the tree to do three thing. Production of new growth, formation of new buds , and fruit on old buds. Bramley is a tip bearing tree so don’t go round snipping off all the tips, that’s the wrong way to prune it. Take out downward growing branches. Or any that are too high. We don’t go up trees with ladders any more.

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  1. jay says:

    So good to hear good advice on pruning. Apple tree a bramley, large old will now benefit from your efforts. Tree house, or small starter home would fit in this old tree.Thanks

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