Helford Creek Cyder

Helford Creek Cyder

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I bought this bottle of Helford Creek Cyder in the Costcutter shop at Carnon Downs in Cornwall on the way between Truro and Falmouth. At £3.99 I didn’t know whether to expect a good quality craft cider or a bit of a touristy rip-off but the credentials on the label seemed sound and there wasn’t any other decent cider available in the shop, unless you like cans of Rattler or Merrydown. The label didn’t give too much away:

Helford Creek Cyder
Sparkling Medium

6.5% vol

Situated in the heart of Cornwall, near the Helford River, on a small 18th century farm.
Helford Creek produce delicious apple juice and cider traditionally matured in oak barrels

Produced in Cornwall on the Lizard peninsula.

Mudgeon Vean
St Martin
Cornwall TR12 6DB
Tel: 01326231341 01326231933

The cider was good quality, nice and clean tasting with a high juice content I think, but definitely some water added. Not a high proportion of westcountry cider apples, more subtle than that in the new wine style cider with some eating apple varieties included I would suspect. It tasted more interesting once the initial fizz had died down the cider was allowed to warm up a bit. You don’t want to drink it straight from the fridge, not that it ever gets that boiling hot in Cornwall anyway.

Compares well with a bottle of Tillington Hills cider from the Coop, if you can ever find any.

An interesting touch is the wine like stamp on the back label, which reminds one of a rioja label Denominacion de Origen Calificada. It’s a badge which implies approval by Cornwall County Council, my old employers no less and says:

Made in Cornwall

Cornwall County Council Approved Origin Scheme

Made in Cornwall - Approved Origin Scheme - CCC

Made in Cornwall - Approved Origin Scheme - CCC

So there.

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