The Orchard Pig

This is a light cider ( 5.5% ?) with some good somerset cider apple flavour, but a hint of toffee I thought, although the label indicated a pure fresh pressed apple juice product. Found in a farm shop in Fife, Scotland.

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  1. Mark Shirley says:

    On a couple of occasions I’ve been excited to see the Orchard Pig logo in deli’s in the East Mids, but unfortunately it’s only been the apple juice so far. I like the slightly buccolic yet upmarket imagery of Orchard Pig products.

  2. Our Orchard Pig ciders are 6.5% and I apologise if the cider labels are mis-leading in anyway.
    The ciders are made from 100% apple juice from pressed apples. We allow the cider to ferment for at least six months before bottling which allows time to become very smooth.
    The ciders are deliberately light – we do not ferment in wood and filter very finely. This gives a fresh, clean cider which is similar to French ciders.
    Hope this is of help and that you enjoy drinking our ciders and apple juices -we have just launched a Pear & Apple Juice for the 2008 season, which is prooving very popular!

  3. I tried the Orchard Pig dry, purchased from Waitrose in Bristol, and I must say I found it somewhat bland compared to most Somerset ciders, but compared to the Herefordshire ciders which most supermarkets tend to stock (i.e. predominantly Weston’s) it stood up quite well.

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