Indian Cider

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Evidence from a bottle shop in Himachal Pradesh found on Flickr. One brand is Tempest Cider, the other might be HPMC.

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  1. Hey… That’s my photograph… I clicked it 😉

    Sorry, but didn’t understand the actual post. This is an Evidence regarding what?

    Hoping to get a reply…


  2. Andy says:

    Thanks very much for uploading the photo, Saurabh. It’s ‘evidence’ of the existence of Indian cider, that’s all. It may sound strange to you, but I’d been told that once that cider was largely unknown in India, but was beginning to be imported.

    Tempest and HPMC ciders seem to be made in Himachal Pradesh so that’s very interesting. I don’t suppose they list their ingredients on the label somewhere?

  3. Hi Andy… Thanks for the reply…

    Yes, people here are now moving on from simply having their Beer, Whisky and Rums to experimenting with varied drinks, so guess what you’ve heard is true…

    Not sure about the ingredients on the labels, don’t remember… We were more interested in finishing our drinks.. Have very little idea about Ciders but we found these good..!!

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