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Much of the content from the old ukcider website has been duplicated onto a special set of wiki pages, where it is kept up to date by one and all. There you will find the most up-to-date Cider Pub Guide as well as a list of cider makers and perry producers by region, wholesalers and much more.






Old yr 2000 Good Cider Guide

CAMRA's Good Cider Guide
Ukcider list member David Matthews   produced the CAMRA's Good Cider Guide, with the help of ukcider members.

This book has was published back in 2000 and is sometimes avaliable secondhand via Amazon.CAMRA's Good Cider Guide at Amazon.co.uk

Here is some of the information which was used during the process of compiling the book, including the provisional list of cider producers by county.

NEWS from Dave, September 2000:

Just to keep you all in the picture, the Guide is due out at around October 15th.

BottlesIt'll contain:
- Over 400 outlets
- Over 100 producers, most with a label reproduced
- County maps
- 19 feature articles, covering many aspects of cider both home and abroad
- Dozens of photos.

Signed copies will be available by mail order via ukcider.


Or you can buy it right now by clicking through here to Amazon.co.uk, and helping to keep this website on the air at the same time. buy CAMRA's Good Cider Guide now at Amazon.co.uk

NEWS from Dave, May 2000: New Title: `CAMRA`s Good Cider Guide` Publication: September (?) Contents: 130ish producers (with labels reproduced where provided), 500ish surveyed outlets, 20ish features on all aspects of cider home and abroad (many by UK cider makers), lots of b/w photos throughout.

"We need your help! This new Cider Guide will be published next year, and will promote both `Real Cider` and filtered cider, but the filtered cider must be made from 100% juice, must not be pasteurised or artificially carbonated, and must not be made from juice concentrate.

Cider Producers - We want to list all commercial cider makers. We know about the well-established ones, but if you know of any new producers please send their name and address to the Guide Editor whose details follow.

Dave Matthews, (Guide Editor), Email 1bethan@talk21.com


"Thankyou UKcider subscribers for the cider outlet and producer information that has been sent my way since my initial appeal for information for the Cider Guide.

It has been suggested that I publish a list of known Cider Producers on UKcider, so that you can easily fill in the gaps for me and also advise me of any closures. I have attached a file that can hopefully be reproduced on UKcider, please email any information either to UKcider or to me directly at 1bethan@talk21.com

Please note that the producer list is a mailing list of possible producers, some of them may not be selling cider commercially, others not making cider at all. Please do not approach a cider maker until you see them in print in the Cider Guide.


Dave Matthewsukcider

Here is the list of possible producers:



Bedfordshire B+T
Berkshire Lambourn Valley Cider

Thames Valley Vineyard


Cambridgeshire Cassels Cider
Cheshire Cheshire Cider
Cornwall Cornish Cider Co.

Cornish Scrumpy Co. Ltd.

Haye Farm Cider

Penpol Cider


Veryan Vineyard

Cumbria Lakeland Cider
Devon Abbeygate Cider

Axe Valley Cider

Bollhayes Cider

Brimblecombe's Devon Farmhouse Cider

Bromell's Devon Farm Cider


Burscombe Farm


Chucklehead Cider

Clark's Farmhouse Cider


Cokesputt Cyder

Countryman Cider

Gray's Farm Cider

Green Valley Cider Ltd.

Hancock's Cider ∓mp; Mineral Waters

Heron Valley

Home House Cider

Hunt's Devon Cider

J∓mp;J Levy

Kennford Cider

Lower Whiddon


Lyme Bay Cider Co.Ltd.

Old Buckys Cider


Reddaway's Farm Cider


Saul's Farmhouse Cider

Snell Bros.

Symons Farm Cider

Teignhead Farm Cider

Whitestone Farm Traditional Cider


Dorset Castle Cider up arrow

Wolfeton Cider

Essex Hogshead Cyder
Gloucestershire + Bristol Bottle Green Drinks Co.



Cowhill Cider

Cullimore's Genuine Farmhouse Cider

Dean Rise Fruit Farm

Hartland's Farmhouse Cider + Perry

Jeremy Prout

Matt Dunwell

Minchew's Real Cider + Perry

Mr Williams

Orchard Farm

Ray Tosh


Scratters Cider

Summer's Cider + Perry

Tiddley Pommes

Tilley's Cider + Perry

Greater London Three Counties Cider
Hampshire Meon Valley Vineyards

New Forest Cider

Herefordshire Ballard

Bill McMorran

Broome Farm

Dave Smalley

Dunkerton's Cider Co.

Franklin's Natural Cider + Perry

Great Oak Cider And Apple Co.


H Weston + Sons Ltd

Haig Partners

HP Bulmer Drinks Ltd.

James Marsden

Lyne Down Cider + Perry


Mike Henney

Munsley Cider

Richard White

Royal Oak Hotel

Tom Oliver

Isle of Wight Brickfields Horse Country UP arrow

Godshill Farmhouse Cider

Hamstead Vineyard

Rosemary Cider

White Monk Cider

Kent A.Riccini + Sons

Biddenden Vineyards Ltd

Brogdale Horticultural Trust

Castle Cider Co.

Chafford Cider

Double Vision Cider Co.

Mount Ephraim Gardens

Owlet Cider

Pawley Farm Cider

Pippin Cider

Pippins Cider Co.

Sepham Farm

The Windmill

Norfolk Banham Cider

Crone's Organic Cider

Norfolk Cider

Ranworth Farms Ltd.

Whin Hill

Oxfordshire Upton
Shropshire Fernihough

Brooklyn Farm Cider

Somerset Ashill Cider

Ashwood Cider and Perry

Avalon Cider

Bagborough Vineyard

Bridge Farm Cider

Broadoak Cider Co.

Burrow Hill Somerset Cider

Coombes Traditional Farmhouse Cider

Crossman's Prime Farmhouse Cider

Derrick's Cider

Edgar Harding

Henry's Cider

Kingston Vale

K. Goverd

Lane's Cider

Naish's Cider

Parsons Choice

Perry's Farmhouse Cider

R.J.Sheppy and Son

Rich's Somerset Farmhouse Cider

Showerings Ltd.

Stott's Superb Cider

Thatcher's Cider


V V Bennett

Vickery's Cider

W.E. Hecks and Son

West Croft

Whitehead's Cider

Wilkin's Farmhouse Cider and Perry

Suffolk Aspall Cyder

Castlings Heath Cottage Cider

Old Cove up arrow

Paradise Cider


The Suffolk Cider Co. Ltd.

Surrey Coldharbour Cider

Gospel Green

Sussex Appledram Farm Products

Battle Vintage Cyder

Friar's Cider


John Batcheldor

Jolly Dry Cider


Pook Hill

Sedlescombe Vineyard Cider

West Midlands W.H.Smart and Co




Martin Grove


Nadder Valley


Worcestershire A.J.Relle


Barkers` Real Cider and Perry

Barnfield Cider

Hindlip Cider

Knight's Cider and Perry

Norbury's Black Bull Cider Co.

Yorkshire (North) Pipkin

Sam Smiths

Saxon Cider

Tayside Tay Cider
Gwent Black Mountain Cyder

Clytha Arms

John Evans

Troggi Seidr

Mid Wales Margaret Morris

R. Owen

North-West Wales Haywards Cider and Perry Co.

In January 20002 Chris Little sent in these additions:

SUFFOLK The Cider Place 01986 781353
James White [website]
SOMERSET Matthew Clark [website]
West Monkton 01823 412345
Pennard Cider [website]
Bollhayes Cider 01823 680230
Broadlands Fruit Farm 01255 859780
Dobunni Cider Farm 01278 751593
Ermie & Gerties [website]
*Headford Ridge 01278 671800
WEST MIDLANDS Aston Manor [website]
SUSSEX Merrydown [website]




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