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Some ukcider list members' recommendations for pubs and ciders.

You can read all past discussions from the ukcider list by ploughing through the messages on the public archive at groups.yahoo.com/group/ukcider , but below is a selection from the most informative posts . Again, these are organised regionally.

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( Cider hunters please note: If you are thinking of visting one of the small cider producers you should phone in advance and make sure that your visit will be welcome. Some are busy farms without a shop and may not be willling to drop everything to serve you. )



From: "Graham Clulee" clulee@freeuk.com Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000

If anyone is visiting the Bath area, my favourite local is the "Tuckers Grave Inn", on the A366 between the villages of Norton St. Philip and Falkland. A quiet little place with a lovely drop of Cheddar Valley cider, and a very small electricity bill. (My theory is that the smaller the bill, the better the pub!)

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The Monkey Mix Cider Bar, 275 Corporation Street, sells West Croft as well as Bulmers Trad.
Dave Matthews

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From: Matt Hood mcdh2@hermes.cam.ac.uk Date: 28 December 2000

The excellent Mill in Cambridge (Mill Lane, city centre) is an excellent one bar student & local which serves Westons Old Rosie and is worth a visit particularly in the summer, as it is next to the punt capital.

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> Does any one know the address of the Cider House in Newton Abbott, Devon
>as I am thinking of going down for ST. Georges day. I believe it is a
>Cider House in the true sense and therefore thought someone might know
>of it's whereabouts. Thank you in anticipation. Matt.

Ye Olde Cider Bar - 99, East St. (01626 354221).
It's not too far from the Station, open all available hours and well worth a visit for the 'Sams' ciders amongst others.
If you fancy trying somewhere else that serves Sams, the Locomotive a little further down on the same side is worth a visit.
Mark Shirley (Leics APPLE rep)

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Gloucester     12/04/99

As someone who lives in Gloucester all I can say is the town itself is a cider desert. With Inch's on the Hogshead, and Westons in the rather ichky Wetherspoons being the exceptions. However, If you go out of Gloucester life is a lot better.

The pub you should get to is the House in the Tree this is just off the B4063 between Gloucester and Cheltenham (its on another B road that comes off the B4063 to you left as you head out of Gloucester). They usually have up to 14 ciders including 4 or 5 trad ones in polys behind the bar. The foods OK to.

As for producers there are loads near by. I'd recommend the following makers.

* Hartland's at Tirley Villa, Tirley (Leave Gloucester northwards offthe A417, I think you use the B4211 ). Derek Hartland is an excellent host and makes a mean perry.

* Broom Farm (head out on the A40 past Ross-on-Wye to Peterstow. Mike will be more than willing to show you his range of perrys, again all excellent in my experience. They also do award winning cream teas and a good B+B. If your into idyllic settings this place is a must.

* Haig's cider (aka Dewchurch). A mile or so down the A40 from broom farm in Much Dewchurch. Robin Haig does a pretty good Kingston Black single variety cider.

* Summers Perry (Slimbridge lane, Berkley off the A38 south of Gloucester). I'm not on such good terms with these guys as CAMRA awarded them Perry of the year a couple of years back and then promptly forgot to give them the award (not my fault, I just had to sort out the mess GRUMBLE ) but non the less the perry has been consistantly stunning over the years.

* Minchew's ( Rose Cottage, Aston Cross). A maker of award winning ciders and perry's. Kevin is yet another excellent character to meet. He specialises in maturing in fresh rum or whisky casks and has produced some of the most amazing cider and perry I've ever drunk. He also bottles it which is rather handy.

* Weston's of Much Marcle (just off the A449). OK their one of the big boys but they are well geared up to visitors and have quite a good restaurant.

* Lyne Down (near Much Marcle in the village of Lyne Down better directions fail me at the moment). Jean is yet another award winning producter for both her ciders and perrys. However, I'm not sure if she's geared up for visitors.

* Brain's (Littledean, off the A48). I've yet to get out to visit these guys but had some of their cider at the London Drinker and it was good.

There are loads more to choose from particularly if you venture off into Herefordshire to the likes of Franklins, Gwatkins and Dunkertons).

- by Dunc, Gloucestershire APPLE rep.

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As promised, the Strathmore Arms in St Paul's Walden, mid-Herts, is now
selling real cider. On this weekend was Addis cider (which I'd never
heard of) and Orchard Blakeney Red perry (very nice). I saw the list of
others which had been delivered and they were equally unusual for this
part of the world. The cider is kept in the cellar and drawn as required
ensuring a cool pint in this hot weather.

It's now almost possible to do a cider crawl around here what with the
Lytton Arms in Old Knebworth (usually 3-4 ciders on - as a side note I
can can say that Robbie Williams fans do not appear to be real cider
drinkers :-) and the Lordship Arms in Benington. The landlords are
saying that they are selling more and more of our favourite drink. Lets
hope it's a growing trend...

Kent - Swale     Sun, 27 Aug 2000

paul simmons wrote :
>Does anyone ot there know of any pubs seling real cider in the Margate area?

I was not too far from there today, at Westmarsh near Ash. The "Way out Inn" there sells local Theobolds Cider ( 8%), which I was told is made from only two local apples - Bramleys and Kent Pippins. They also sell excellent Swale Brewery Kentish Pride Ale, which showcases the Kent hops, they do cheap meals and have a 40p pool table. Well worth a visit

Andy R.

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Lake District     28/04/2000

The offy in Kendal is called Beers in Particular and is next door to the Kendal Bowman pub (151 Highgate). They usually have a couple of ciders on draught, Westons, Thatchers etc. The Black Bull at Coniston has Saxon Platinum Blonde on draught. If you venture across into the Furness peninsula to visit the South Lakes Wild Animal Park at Dalton, you're half a mile from the Black Dog Inn which has a selection of three or four ciders and six real ales. Also in Furness, there's the Prince of Wales, Foxfield, home to the Foxfield Brewery. They've got Hindlip cider on at the moment.

by John Mulholland

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Leicestershire     21/12/2000

Traditional Cider & Perry in Leicestershire & Rutland - April 2003

Traditional cider and perry can be hard to find in Leicestershire and Rutland, but listed here are a few pubs and shops which have risen to the challenge of selling something more interesting than the keg usual in an area not noted for a cider tradition. By visiting these outlets and drinking traditional cider you will be helping to ensure the continued availability of this rare and distinctive drink locally.


Plough Inn - The Green (01530 412817)
Occasional draught cider, Westons Old Rosie on a recent visit.


Red Lion - 24, High St (01509 672466)
Guest cider from Westons range, Old Rosie on handpump on a recent visit.


The Leicester Gateway - 52, Gateway St (0116 2557319)
Occasional guest cider on handpump.

The Offie - 142, Clarendon Park Road (0116 2701553)
A range of bottled ciders including Gwatkin Scrumpy and Lyne Down Perry.

Swan & Rushes - Infirmary Sq/Oxford St (0116 2339167)
Regular guest ciders from Thatchers (Farmers Tipple/Cheddar Valley/Black Rat etc). The
barrels are kept in the cellar so check the blackboard or ask if it's not obvious what's on.

The Vaults - 1, Wellington Street (0116 2555506)
Westons Old Rosie plus 2 or 3 others. The range has included Biddenden,
Broadoak, and Thatchers, check the blackboard for what's on.


Swan in the Rushes - 21, The Rushes (01509 217014)
Guest cider from Westons range.

Tap & Mallet - 36, Nottingham Rd (01509 210028)
Regularly changing guest cider or perry on handpump, often from small producers.


Duncan Murray Wines - 10, Adam & Eve St (01858 464935)
75cl bottles of Dunkertons Organic cider


Half Moon - Nottingham St (01664 562120)
Addlestones Cloudy cider on handpump.

Mash Tub - 58, Nottingham Rd (01664 410051)
Westons Old Rosie on handpump.


Natures Dispensary - 7, Mill St (01572 771231)
Bottles of unfiltered Dunkertons Organic cider.


Stilton Cheese Inn - High St (01664 454 394)
Guest cider on handpull, Whin Hill and Saxon on recent visits.


Chevelswarde Organic Growers - The Belt (01858 575309) .
Bottles of unfiltered Dunkertons Organic ciders and perrys .

Also worth looking out for is Norbury Cider of Worcestershire which is often available at one or more Farmers Markets in Leicestershire.

This list was regularly updated and could have been accessed online at the Leicester CAMRA website

And don't forget, for the widest range of traditional cider and perry in Leicestershire, be sure to visit the Leicester CAMRA beer festival. The cider bar has grown steadily from 4 ciders and a perry in 1999, to what is anticipated will be around 16 varieties for the 2004 festival. See you there!

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London   24 Jun 2003

I recall reading comments recently (Shelley Evans and others) lamenting the
lack of real cider in London.
A return to an old haunt in London last weekend gave a completely different
picture. The Magpie & Crown in Brentford High Street had just taken delivery of
four barrels of the real stuff; Ermie & Gerties Somerset Medium Dry (7.5%),
Moore's Perry, Summer's Cider and another Welsh Cider which they will sell in
rotation at £2.20 a pint.
They were supplied by a Mr Hallam from Wales. This must presumably be Jon
Hallam of Seidr Mynediad Ysbyty, a fellow producer in Wales. Apparently he
regularly supplies other outlets around the London area. If London-based members of
this group would like to find out where these outlets are, I guess they could
contact Jon, whose details are on our Welsh cider site (www.welshcider.co.uk)
Customers at the Magpie & Crown were bemused by the suggestion that real
cider is hard to find in London, so I made a few notes of some of the other pubs
that they knew about:

Canbury Arms, Canbury Park Road, Kingston (always a guest real cider)
Head of Steam, Euston Station
Priory Arms, 83 Lansdowne Way, Stockwell (Thatchers)
Wenlock Arms, Hoxton
Eva Hart, 1128 High Road Chadwell Heath
Duke of Hamilton, 23 New End, Hampstead
Prince Albert (Rose's), 49 Hare Street, Woolwich
Funky Monkey (Formerly Lord Rodney's Head), next to Whitechapel Underground
Wetherspoons pubs in Kingston and Twickenham have just introduced Weston's
Old Rosie (although I recall hearing comments about Wetherspoons withdrawing
this from some of their pubs)

Sounds good to me. We only have two pubs in the whole of Pembrokeshire.

Richard Cooper


Since my last posting I have had the pleasure of speaking with James the London area sales rep. for Westons. He informed me that the Sailing Barge (Tollesbury, Marshwall Road, Millwall Inner Dock - three minutes from South Quay DLR station), The Pier Tavern (Manchester Road, Isle Of Dogs), The Albion (Goldsmiths Road, off Hackney Road) and Chimes (Churton Street, SW1) all sell one or more variteties of Westons. Sadly, the Sailing Barge is closed at weekends.

I am pleased to see that Roger Protz's latest impressive book - Britain's 500 Best Pubs - has a section titled 'Pubs that serve traditional cider'. The following are recommended in this context: Dunkerton's Cider House, Church House Inn (Haberton, Devon - which offers Churchward's cider), Rugglestone Inn (Widecombe In The Moor, Devon - Lower Whiddon Farm Cider is available), Wenlock Arms (N1 - Biddenden's Bushell), Lytton Arms (Park Lane, Old Knebworth, Herts. - four ciders on offer), Falkland Arms (Great Tew, Oxfordshire - Weston's Ciders) and the New Inn (Dowlish Wake, Somerset - Perry's medium and dry).

Robert Stafford

London 25 Aug 2000

Rhondda_Nicholas wrote:

Hello All,
Some 3 years ago on a visit to London we ate at a restaurant in SW2 (?) which specialised in cider and included some organic ciders in its offerings. The food was mostly pies and stews. We had some fantastic organic cider there and would like to visit again when we are in London from 10 - 12 Sept. Does anyone know the name of the restaurant and if it is still in business? We have recently planted a cider orchard at Robertson, NSW, Australia which aims to produce organic cider on a commercial scale some few years down the track. Dining at the London restaurant was one of the events that inspired us to plant our own orchard. We suspect our visit to London next month is too short to get out and visit cidermakers, but we look forward to the opportunity on another visit. Cheers

This sounds very much like Chimes, listed in the last Good Cider Guide as a 'Wine bar and Restaurant specialising in cider and perry. Menu and decor have an English rustic accent...' The address is 26, Churton Street, SW1. Hope this helps,
M. Shirley

Hi I know which restaurant/bar you mean. It is called 'Chimes' and can be found at 26 Churton St. I don't know if it is still open as it is quite a few years since I have been there. The phone number used to be 020 7821 7456, could be worth giving them a call first.


London 24 Jan 2001 - Chimes again

Have a look here http://www.h2g2.com/A457508

It's in Pimlico

London 14 Feb 2000

Robert Stafford:-
Oh, yes, The Holland Tringham (a JDW pub at 107-109 High Street, Streatham) is a regular haunt of mine as it is, as far as I know, the only permanent outlet in London for draught Old Rosie.

Andy R:
I wrote to Westons once and they sent me a list of outlets in London, blowed if I can find it now though. There's one on a boat in docklands somewhere, most of the old Firkins have dropped it, and the Wetherspoon in Stratford has had permanent reliable "First Quality" all winter.
The list recently began to compile a list of London cider outlets and came up with
>* Wenlock Arms, near Old Street, East London
>* The Grove (Wetherspoons), Stratford (Westons on draught, regular)
>* The Lord Rodney's Head, Whitechapel - this has been closed for a while and is due to reopen today (28/01/2000) or tomorrow, I believe. They
used to serve Biddendens - which apparently was their best selling drink!).
>The Head of Steam (Euston Station) Biddendens I think.
>Priory Arms (Stockwell) Thatchers
>Magpie & Crown (Brentford) - varies

One must not forget to include the JDW in Stratham for Old Rosie!

I fear the Wenlock is not as enthusiastic about cider as it once was: you may recall it used to offer draught cider and perry. A recent visit to the pub's website supports this view (I could find no mention of cider). The situation with The Lord Rodney's Head is worse! I went there several days ago (16/2) and noted that the pub would still seem to be undergoing redevelopment, into something resembling part of the Belgo chain!? Any further details regarding the boat selling cider in the Docklands would be much appreciated.
Wassail! R PS The Hobgoblin in Bristol no longer sells real cider apparently.

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Manchester   31 Dec 2000

From: "Andy Leaden" andy@bleaden.freeserve.co.uk Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 11:30:41 -0000

For all of you lot up here in the north of England, I found a new one that serves nice cider. The Pot of Beer in Manchester round by Danzig Street near the big CIS building . It had Black Cat cider on from a barrel behind the bar and was a really nice change.

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Norfolk 21 Apr 1999

>So far I've been recommended to visit the Cider Barn in the village of Banham and a farm in New Buckenham .

The Cider Barn was a joy to behold. Not only do they sell excellent cider and sometimes perry but they also have well kept Adnams best Bitter and Adnams Extra . The Barn also serves as a music venue most evenings in summer with live blues folk and jazz music. There's a shop adjacent where you can buy bottles or have your own containers filled. Pieces of ancient cider presses are on view in the yard and also make up some of the seating in the drinking area. The ciders are made from eating and desert apples, like many in Kent, rather than the traditional bitter sweet cyder-apples of the westcountry. On sale at the weekend were ciders made from single varieties , cox's and russets and 'farmhouse cider' mixes, some aged in oak and some extra strong dry. After a good tasting session I found all the ciders to be either too sweet for my taste or too strong so I did my usual thing of ordering some of each and mixing to my own taste. At 6.00 for 2.5 litres , it's not cheap but well worth it for quality real cider. I had to call back in again on the way home for some more ! If you're travelling towards Norwich, take the Diss - Thetford road, the A1066 and turn off at Garboldisham toward Kenninghall and Banham. Follow the signs to Banham Zoo, the Cider Barn is opposite. Open all day.

Andy R

Yorkshire 03 Apr 2004

a pub in York near York station called "The Maltings" that as well as selling real beer always has 4 draft ciders/perries

from P Mulhern



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There are several small cideries in Quebec, generally in the townships
around Montreal. These include Cidrerie Michel Jodoin and Domaine
Pinnacle in Rougemont; Domaine Felibre in Stanstead; and La Cidrerie du
Minot and La Face Cachee de la Pomme in Hemmingford.

In Ontario, I know of two cideries: County Cider Comapny in Picton
(www.countycider.com) and St. Jacob's Winery & Cidery in Waterloo.

The leading craft cidery in western Canada is probably Merridale
Ciderworks in Cobble Hill, British Columbia (www.merridale.com). They
have a nice selection of well-made ciders.

Ben Watson