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Do you have a website? If so then please help to support the ukcider mailing list and website by making a link to www.ukcider.co.uk

You probably know what to do, but if not please follow the following instructions:

1) Please save the gif to your website directory: ukcider
2) Add the following code into your web page at the appropriate point: <a href="http://www.ukcider.co.uk">
<img src="ukciderbutton.gif" width="121" height="50" alt="ukcider">

You should end up with a link like this:


With some website creation packages you may be able to just copy and paste the above into your page.


If you have time, please let me know about any new links to ukcider mailto:aroberts@gmail.com
Also, don't forget that if you are a ukcider member and have a cider related wesite then you can have a return link listed under "Members' Sites".


You can also help keep the ukcider mailing list and website going by buying cider books or other products through the ukcider bookshop here



Going to a Festival?

Most beer festivals have a good selection of real ciders and perrys on offer, and these are organised throught the year around Britain. Keep an eye on the CAMRA Beer Festivals calendar and why not tell the ukcider mailing list if you are intending to turn up at one, and maybe some of us can have a bit of a meet-up by the cider bar.

You can help to identify yourself and promote ukcider at the same time by printing off a few leaflets and placing them at the cider bar. For this purpose I've included a link here which will bring up a printable page of 2 @ sight A5 leaflets on a single A4 landscape page which can be printed directly from your browser . ( I used Netscape 4.6 ). Then cut the pages in half.