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As featured on the new Ukcider Meets page.

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Several ukcider members arrived at Rose's cottage for a delightful ploughman's lunch of fine cheeses, rolls and some excellent cider chutney, served, of course, with a glass or two of Cider by Rosie. Amongst those attending were Michael Cobb and his wife Jacqueline of Knytshall, Ni and Sharon from Marches cyder circle,Barry Topp and friends from New Forest Cider, Andy Roberts and Linda from London and others.

Later we all made our way up to the orchard hoping that the torrential rain some of us had driven through would stay away. Luckily it did. In the orchard we were joined by many new friends,including Penny from Owermoigne cider museum, Bo who brought cider and perry from Shaftsbury and Liz Copas of 'Somerset Pomona' fame.

Watch the Maypole dancers and hear Rose explain how this year's May Queeen was chosen:

This year the band played in the barn. This made for a great atmosphere with easy access to the cider and food.

Up at the barn Rose provided several fine ciders including her prize winner. Other cider makers had been generous too and there were lots of other ciders to try as well and even perrys from Dorset and Glastonbury(Knytshall).

See also Rose's own journal writing after the day at RG_2007_May#HOUGHTON_MAY_FESTIVAL


2006 saw the third annual Blossomtime Celebration in Rose's Orchard, Winterbourne Houghton with the biggest turnout yet from ukcider members.

ukcider meetup

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Five cidermakers from the UK (Andrew Lea, Roy Bailey, Stephen Hayes, Michael Cobb - and of course Rose herself) and two from the United States (Dick Dunn and Gary Awdey) were present, making a ukcider gathering of thirteen for the ciderhouse tour and tasting of each others produce.


More pictures sent in by Rose







Maybe we could include some tasting notes and favourites here, if anyone remembers.

I'll start it off with 2 of my impressions of the ciders and perries:

  • Rose's Perry - very refreshing, slightly sweet, subtle pear taste. Lovely!
  • Stephen Hayes - Sweet Alford, bit special this one. Andy gave me some to taste and asked what it reminded me of, there was an obvious answer - Asturian cider! Quite a different taste, slightly thin, almost acidic, but one I really like. Mmm!
  • Roy Bailey's Lambourne Valley Cider. That's the one in the large demijohn, first time I'd tasted it. A delicious well rounded blend.

There's another list on the May 2006 page part of The_Cidermaking_Year_by_Rose_Grant

Several people had digital cameras, so plenty of photos should show up in due course, and even a short video?

village event in Rose's cider orchard


Then the main public event, with May Queen, delightful maypole dancing, morris dancing and live traditional folk music, followed by a barbecue and more cider tasting.


By the time it was dusk, everybody had gone home except for a couple of campers who enjoyed the wonderful view from the top of the hill, watching rainbows,

146938693_8b884a6c07_m.jpg horses, buzzards and rabbits on the distant hillside, then listening to owls and unidentified songbirds, to be awakened by the lark who introduced the dawn chorus.

Many thanks to Rose for putting on a great event in a wonderful location. 148431969_bf01b02bec.jpg

8289401_8cd6453906_s.jpg end of Blossomtime Celebration, 2006

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