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Brook Farm is the name of a real cider and perry producer based in Wigmore, near Leominster in Herefordshire.



Information from residents in the village suggest that cider was originally made at the farm quite sometime before it's current revival. Cider production probably stopped at Brook Farm sometime in the sixties, but follwing Peter Kem's move to the farm after retirement from the fire service in the ninetees, cider is flowing once again. At first starting with just a few gallons and leading to one thousand gallons of cider and perry Today, immpresive for a one man show!

The cider is made from as many as fifteen different varieties of apples including Broxwood Foxwhelp, Yarlington Mill, Porters Perfection, Stoke Red, Harry Master's Jersey, Brown Snout, Dabinett, White Norman, and Chisel Jersey. Each variety is kept separate until bottling when the different ciders are blended to make the final product. Bottling usually takes place so that the finished cider is available in June each year. The perry is made from Blakeney Red and Brandy pears, the process to the finished perry is just the same as the cider.

None of the fruit is sprayed and only 100% fresh juice is ever used.


  • 500ml Medium Dry Cider Carbonated 7.2%
  • 500ml Medium Sweet Cider Carbonated 7.0%
  • 750ml Extra Dry Cider Still 8.2%
  • 750ml Dry Cider Still 8.2%
  • 750ml Medium Cider Still 7.0%
  • 750ml Sweet Cider Still 7.0%
  • 750ml Dry Perry Still 6.2%
  • 750ml Medium Perry Still 6.2%

A 25l draught dry cider and perry is also usually available to personal callers by prior arrangement.

Contact details

  • Address: Brook Farm, Wigmore, Herefordshire, HR6 9UJ.
  • Tel: (01568) 770562.

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