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Burrow Hill Cider is a cider producer located at Kingsbury Episcopi, Martock in Somerset.


About Burrow Hill Cider

Burrow Hill has been a cider farm for 150 years and Julian Temperley has been running it for the last 30 years. In 1984 he won the ‘triple crown’, winning cider competitions in Hereford, Devon and Somerset. The cider is pressed from 40 different varieties of cider apple and the farm owns 150 acres of orchard.
Apart from traditional farmhouse cider, Julian makes two exceptional bottle fermented sparkling ciders. The cider is matured on its yeast for a year and then disgorged by freezing the ends of the bottles. This so called ‘Champagne Method’ was pioneered in Hereford in 1632 by Lord Scudamore before the Civil War and had reached Montacute House in Somerset by 1664, long before the French even claim to have invented the method… Old cider house, huge vats, barrels, farm animals.
Single Variety Bottle Fermented Sparkling Cider: Kingston Black and Stoke Red. Dry and Medium Farmhouse Ciders & Cider Vinegar, Apple Juice: Russet, Cox and Bramley.
Also home to the Somerset Distillery Julian was the first person in the UK to be granted a licence to distill his cider. Cider brandy distilled from Somerset apples and matured for up to 10 years in small oak barrels. Farm shop open from Mon-Sat 8.30- 5.30.

Burrow Hill Cider has a 'Cider Bus' at the Glastonbury Festival selling a variety of cider-based drinks, including Hot Spiced Cider.


Very good cider, in the characteristic southern West Country style from classic bittersweet/bittersharp apples (tending away from the sharp overall). There's cider from casks (better), or cider in bottles which I believe is pasteurized (keeps well and travels). Then there's the bottle-conditioned ciders, of single varietals Kingston Black and Stoke Red, which you really should consider in the category of a good champagne. And then there's the cider brandy, which is as serious as a cognac or armagnac (only better, since it's made from apples rather than grapes). Oh, yes, and there's plenty to learn as well as to drink! Google Map

Contact details

  • Address: Julian Temperley Pass Vale Farm, Burrow Hill, Kingsbury Episcopi, Martock, TA12 5BU.
  • Tel: (01460) 240782.

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