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There are a growing number of dedicated cider festivals, as well as cider bars at beer festivals. Examples include the Welsh Cider Festival, held annually in Wales.

All the dates and details about Future festivals are listed on the Current_events page since February 2005. Please add your festival news over there. This page is for general advice and information about cider and festivals in general. For instance, it has been reported that cider bars at beer festivals were selling out early some years, and festival organisers hoped to place larger orders. But there are concerns that the cider offered is not always in the best condition at the time of sale, so how can cider bar organisers and wholesalers work together to make sure that nobody's first 'real cider' experience is a bad one?


Pub cider festivals

Pub festivals are probably the future for cider and perry. Rather than being stuffed into some town hall with hundreds of drinkers, a smaller event in a pleasant pub garden with a range of local ciders can make for a very pleasant afternoon or weekend.

  • cider and perry


It's not about the numbers. You don't need to get in 25+ different ciders, just a few good ones, perhaps locally sourced if there are any Regional Producers nearby. But try to make sure you don't run out. Any left over can always be sold behind the bar in the following week.

  • food

It's best not to drink too much on an empty stomach and a bit of outdoor catering always goes down well. Let the chef be inspired and include a food theme in the festival name, like cider and cheese, cider and seafood or cider and curry. Or just provide a good selection of favourites, it's an important part of making your pub festival a financial success too.

  • something to do

Appreciating cider and perry is best a social activity and it helps bring people together when there is something to do at some point during the day. Ideas include competitions or quizzes, traditional pub games, live music and cider making demonstrations.

  • publicity

Give plenty of notice of the date, time and place. Print a few leaflets to place around town. Don't forget to put it on the current events page on the ukcider wiki. See you there!


Tips for cider bar organisers at beer festivals

If you are going to a festival...

There may be a dozen or many more different ciders and perries available, but please remember - you don't have to try them all straight away!

Most beer festivals have a selection of real ciders and perrys on offer, and these are organised throught the year around Britain. So keep an eye on the calendar at Current events and why not tell the ukcider mailing list if you are intending to turn up at one, and maybe some of us can have a bit of a meet-up by the cider bar.

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