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Nook's Yard is a real cider and Perry producer based in Little Leigh, Cheshire.



Our ciders & perrys are hand crafted and made using traditional methods from freshly pressed apple & pear juice. They contain no added colouring, flavouring or fizz and are bottled still and unfiltered.

The fruit is hand-picked from old traditional orchards in Cheshire. It's sorted, washed, milled and pressed by hand.

Then, with a little bit of patience over the winter, the natural yeasts turn the freshly pressed juice to a slightly hazy, refreshing and genuine cider or perry.


Our ciders and perries are made from different varieties of fruit, blended to give what we consider to be the best overall taste. Even using the same fruit, differences in weather during the growing season and the natural fermentation process can subtly alter the flavours in the final product from year to year.

We aim to be as consistent as possible with a particular a type of cider or perry, but we can also use the fruit's natural sharpness or tannin to create distinctly different ciders that will appeal to different tastes.

  • Cheshire Dry Cider 6.0% ABV (typical) - Locally hand-picked culinary apples from orchards around Little Leigh are pressed and fermented with traditional Herefordshire cider varieties.
  • Cheshire Perry 6.0% ABV (typical) - A slightly cloudy, dry perry made from pears gathered from orchards around Cheshire, blended with other local fruit to ensure a crisp taste.

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