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Orchards Cider and Perry Co. is a real cider and perry producer based in Brockweir, Gloucestershire.



Orchards Cider and Perry Co is so called because of the owners name - Keith Orchard. Despite his surname, he didn't gravitate towards the making of cider and perry until he purchased a 200 year old farm in the Wye Valley. The property had lain abandoned for over 10 years, but hidden in the over-grown orchard was a treasure trove of cider apple and perry pear trees. Many of the varieties remained a mystery until he befriending various knowledgeable aficionados.

In March 2005, he found an old metal drum which had been left buried under artefacts at the farm. The 45 gallon barrel turned out to be full of cider which had been sealed plastic lining. The contents were still drinkable and had an abv of 7.8%. Having made enquiries it was believe the barrel was at least 40 years old. (See how the local press covered the story here)

In the year 2002, Keith acquired a second orchard not far from the Wye Valley. Having planted new trees in both orchards, he is looking towards the future. Coincidentally, Keith found one of the old popular cider apple varieties was the Backwell Red, named after the village he grew up in. Needless to say, this variety was one Keith felt drawn to and which he has since planted in abundance.

Orchard's cider and perry is available at many agricultural shows around Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire as well as local shops, pubs and restaurants around the Wye Valley.



  • Wye Cider 6.6% abv
  • Farm House Dry Cider 6.7% abv
  • Farm House Sweet Cider 6.7%
  • Kingston Black Cider single variety Dry Cider 7.4 % abv
  • Dabinett Cider single variety Dry Cider 7.4 % abv
  • Orchard Mist Brut Dry 8.0% abv
  • Cannock Perry 5.3% abv
  • Blakeney Red Perry 6.4% abv
  • Gloucestershire Medium Dry Perry 4.8% abv
  • Whisky Cask Matured Farm House Cider 7.1% abv

Bag in box

  • Wye and Farm House Ciders (dry medium & sweet).
  • Dabinett (dry and medium cider).
  • Blakeney Red Perry ( the natural residual sugars make this medium dry).
  • Blended Perry (dry and medium).

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Contact details

  • Address: Keith Orchard, Orchard’s Cider and Perry Co. Yewgreen Farm, Brockweir, Nr Chepstow, Gloucestershire, NP16 7PH.
  • Tel: (01291) 689536.