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About ukcider

Essentially, ukcider is an internet community composed of individuals who enjoy finding and drinking real cider and perry, who are involved in the process of cidermaking on a small or personal scale, who enjoy reading and writing about it.

We still argue about what constitutes the best, the most real, the most practical Real Cider and Perry and came up with one definition which was adopted after an online poll in 2003.

Real Cider

"Real cider is the product of fermenting fresh apple juice. The amount of apple juice which went into the final product must be between 85 and 100% and should be clearly stated on the container it is sold in or dispensed from. No artificial sweetners, flavourings or colourings are permitted.

(For real perry substitute pear juice.)"

Group origins

The community began life as a splinter on the usenet newsgroup "", which explicitly tolerated cider discussions up until the point when it was felt a seperate forum was required. The first ukcider mailing list was thus created by Andy Roberts using an online service called "one-list" which was subsequently taken over by "egroups" who were in turn absorbed by "yahoogroups". A website promoting the mailing list and containing some information was begun shortly after and remains in situ at

The yahoogroup remains frozen at with an archive of nearly 5000 messages posted between January 1999 and June 2004, now closed to new messages since the group migrated to googlegroups in 2004.

This wiki site was started in order to complement the mailing list and accumulate knowledge in February 2005.


The group remains UKcentric but accepts international members and welcomes their contributions.

Join the mailing list

You can join the ukcider mailing list by visiting and registering there. That's where the conversations are.